June 05, 2015

Opposition to Trans Pacific Partnership Continues to be High Priority for Activists

The Hill quoted Alliance executive director Richard Fiesta in a story about seniors groups and their positions on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“This is as important to us as the issues surrounding Social Security and Medicare,” said Alliance executive director Richard Fiesta. “We are dedicating a lot of resources.”

The Alliance is urging U.S. House members to oppose plans to cut $950 million from Medicare to fund the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which assists displaced workers. Those cuts include $700 million through a sequestration provision and another $250 million over ten years for hospital dialysis centers treating people with acute kidney injuries.

“A lot of members and staff aren’t fully familiar with [TPP’s] effect on prescription drug prices,” continued Fiesta in The Hill. “We’re getting a lot of ‘Gee, I didn’t know that.’”

“Cutting $950 million from Medicare to pay for something completely unrelated makes absolutely no sense and will compromise the integrity of the program,” he added later.

The Alliance is stressing to U.S. House members that corporations should be asked to step up to the plate and fund TAA, not the more than 53 million seniors or disabled Medicare beneficiaries.

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