April 25, 2016

Make sure your Oreo cookies came from an American factory

In July 2015, Oreo cookie manufacturer Nabisco announced it would invest an additional $130 million in its new $400 million plant in Salinas, Mexico, rather than investing that money in its iconic American factory in Chicago. As a result, 600 workers in Chicago will lose their jobs and an entire community will be devastated. The union workers at the Chicago Nabisco bakery have been producing baked goods such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies and Ritz and Premium crackers for more than 50 years.

Outsourcing manufacturing jobs that support middle class families is a concerning and growing trend. In February, a video of workers at an air conditioning factory went viral, showing just how devastating the loss of jobs is to employees. Automobile factories have exclusively gone to countries like Mexico instead of the U.S. for the last 6 years. So why is Mexico such a popular destination for manufacturing? The primary reason is the low wages and poor working conditions. Companies like Nabisco do not have to worry about the costs associated with safety regulations or training for dangerous equipment.

The Alliance for Retired Americans is supporting the affected Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ International Union (BCTGM)  workers. They refused to accept $46 million in annual concessions, in perpetuity – something the company asked of no other bakery. The Alliance is asking Nabisco to reconsider its decision.

While 600 jobs are moving to Mexico, there is still a plant located in Chicago that makes Oreo cookies. You can watch and share this video to learn how to tell if the Nabisco products in your store are made in the United States or Mexico before you buy them. Please check before you buy! Just this one small action can help show your support for made in USA products.

Protect American jobs. Say NO to outsourced Oreos from Mexico!

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14 thoughts on “Make sure your Oreo cookies came from an American factory”

  1. My wife picked up birthday oreo cookies by mistake, they had a foul smell to them but I am picky. It smelled like they had been in a fire. I didn’t care for the taste and I felt ill both times I had four or five cookies. I threw the remaining cookies in the garbage, I didn’t want my grandkids to get sick if there was something wrong with them, it could have been something else. I grew up eating Oreo’s and I will continue to eat them even though they may be made in Mexico unless they change the regular cookies. I am not happy with them moving out of the USA. If they would stay in the USA the cost may be higher however I would pay the extra because I like them that much. It is too bad for those that have lost their jobs. I remember a company here in Milwaukee that shut their doors because of employee demands. Perhaps it was the same here and the company decided to move south rather than shut down.

  2. Our jobs don’t have to go to Mexico. Companies are just greedy. They need to think about the American people who made them great. To move to Mexico is outrageous!

    1. I agree because I feel very bad for the Americans that willlose their job and also the poor people in Mexico who will get paid hardly anything and have poor working conditions. I am going to read the package from now on. I love the Nutter Butter covered in chocolate and they are made in Canada. I wonder if those workers make much less.

  3. I got fooled,the oreo i was enjoying is not what it used to be and I just realize that the reason is the back of the box say made in mexico!that’s it nabisco no more will get my money!

  4. I use to buy a package of Oreos a week for my kids. When I saw they built a factory in a Mexico and took away jobs from American workers, I stopped. i will not buy food made in Mexico. You can’t drink the water and you can’t eat the food. I now buy Hydrox – made in America .

  5. You would think the company would charge less since they are coming from Mexico but the cost is just as high as ever. They also have a weird stale taste to them now.
    I started buying Hydrox . What a great surprise, good taste – healthier too. No gmo s. No high fructose corn syrup. No hydrogenated oils.

  6. I have just bought Oreo cookies from woolworth Sydney Australia shop thinking was made in the USA, but with much of a surprise is done in Indonesia ???? I will not buy again this biscuit. It is a shame that companies’ greed prevails over humanity.

  7. I love Oreo cookies but now I have a different opinion on them. I don’t believe that they should be moved to another country only for the corporate bosses to get a fatter wallet. Many executives only think of themselves and not the American people. If they took Oreos and moved them to another country, they should not be sold in this country. If you cannot support the American people, then the American people should not support your cookies. Get on the ball – move back everything into America where it belongs.

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