March 20, 2015

House Seeks to Implement Medicare “Doc Fix”; Replace Sustainable Growth Rate

House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have been negotiating a long-term deal to resolve issues with Medicare funding. Currently, Medicare legislation requires a series of short term adjustments to the Sustainable Growth Rate, called “Doc Fix,” that prevents funding cuts to doctors.

Alliance Executive Director Richard Fiesta said that, “We are monitoring the deal closely, as we have concerns that this agreement could put a significant burden on current beneficiaries.”

According media reports, this deal would remove the Sustainable Growth Rate, a formula that determines changes in compensation, and replace it with a new payment system. Preliminary reports also indicate that beneficiaries with incomes higher than $133,000 would pay higher premiums and Medigap plans with first dollar coverage would incur a deductible. Read more at:


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