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March 07, 2017

House GOP’s Affordable Care Act Repeal Would Gut Medicare Trust Fund

Another Tax Giveaway for the Wealthiest Americans

The following statement was issued by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, in response to the release of the House Republicans’ bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“After seven years Republicans have finally shown us what their repeal of Obamacare looks like. It would be a disaster for older and working Americans and for our health care system.

“The bill repeals the increase in the Medicare payroll tax for high earners. That will reduce the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund by 4 years, from 2029 to 2025. This is an insult to the fifty-seven million Medicare beneficiaries who have earned their guaranteed Medicare benefits, and many millions more who contribute to Medicare expecting it to be there when they retire.

“The bill also cuts federal funding for Medicaid by $560 billion over 10 years. Cuts of this magnitude will force states to make deep cuts in the number of people who receive benefits, or the amount of health care provided. Over 70 million beneficiaries rely on Medicaid, including almost 6 million seniors who depend on it for their nursing home and home care services. The GOP’s message is, ‘Sorry, you’re out of luck.’

“Republicans have topped this off by changing the age rating for older Americans from 3:1 to 5:1, or even greater in some states. Enabling insurers to charge older Americans that much more will greatly increase costs for people over the age of 50.”


8 thoughts on “House GOP’s Affordable Care Act Repeal Would Gut Medicare Trust Fund”

  1. this is outrageous !!! I am 58 years old and have paid into the “system” for all my life. Let’s take away members of Congress benefits!! They cost the taxpayers too much.

  2. This is so very wrong! Its just unconscionable to gut Medicare when we all will need it upon retirement! I, along with millions of others, have worked our whole lives with the guarantee that Medicare will be there for us. If Medicare does get gutted, I guess retirement will mean a quick death instead if no Medicare is available. How can the richest country in the world do this to its citizens?


  4. So to put more money in the pockets it’s ok to kill people who need Medicare and Medicaid? Be ashamed of yourselves!

  5. When you worked your whole life paying into this and depend on this for health care you realize how important this issue is. The one’s behind all this need to lose their benefits and be put in our shoes. this is so wrong. They need to be hit where it hurts…their jobs-vote them out, their benefits-take them away, let them live the way we have to….even though I have medicare it still costs me $105 plus $145 for a supplemental a month, it’s not cheap…..This shows us all who they really care about.

  6. They have wanted to gut Medicare for sometime now, the GOP. They have no hearts as long as it gets them tax relief,they could care less about about everyday people. We need to vote them OUT. I have paid into Medicare for nearly 45 years, I am 63. I am an RN and spent my entire life caring for people and you sh_t’s, like Ryan and McConnell want to screw us over. They get Healthcare for life. I say they can start cutting there!

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