November 29, 2013

GivingTuesday Movement Rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You have heard of Black Friday and maybe even Cyber Monday. We’d like to introduce you to GivingTuesday, a relatively new and growing holiday tradition that takes place next Tuesday, December 3rd.

The Alliance for Retired Americans joins non-profits from all 50 states in coming together to make the Tuesday after Thanksgiving a day when Americans counter the consumerism of Black Friday and give back to the causes that they believe in. We hope that this day will launch an even larger giving season when individuals, families, businesses, and citizens groups give to their communities and their neighborhoods.

After feasting, football, and shopping, you can make giving back part of your family’s celebrations by participating in GivingTuesday with the Alliance for Retired Americans. Click here to make a donation to the Alliance. It helps us to defend and protect our Social Security and Medicare from radical members of Congress and moneyed interests repeating the great lie that these programs are driving America to bankruptcy.

You don’t have to wait until Tuesday: You can make your special gift to Alliance for Retired Americans online right now by clicking here. Don’t forget to share the message and news withyour social networks and contacts.

This year’s GivingTuesday can begin a chain reaction of people giving back and standing up for one another throughout the holiday season this year. Please join—and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving! The Alliance for Retired Americans is continually grateful for the different ways in which you contribute to our shared success.

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