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November 07, 2013

Fox Valley Residents to Ribble: “Stop Betraying Our Veterans,” Deliver 120,000+ Petitions Against Chained CPI

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The chained CPI will harm Wisconsin veterans and seniors

IMG_0890Today, outside Congressman Reid Ribble’s Appleton office, veterans joined area residents, state and national organizations in delivering over 120,000 petition signatures and sending a strong message: “No chained CPI benefit cuts.” Click here for photos from today’s event.

Area residents joined with the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, Social Security Works, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council, the Northeast Labor Retiree Club, Marinette Central Labor Council, Fox Valley Labor Council, Progressives United, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, and others outside Ribble’s office pointed to a new report on how the chained CPI will harm Wisconsin Veterans and Social Security beneficiaries.

Rep. Ribble recently authored a letter, signed by 50 Republican Representatives, urging House Speaker Boehner to include Social Security cuts in current fiscal discussions regardless of the fact Social Security does not contribute to the federal deficit. Ribble is an outspoken advocate for raising the retirement age, adjusting the cost-of-living adjustment formula, means-testing Social Security benefits and other benefit cuts.

The stingier cost of living adjustment (COLA) formula, known as the chained CPI, would significantly cut the benefits of all current and future Social Security beneficiaries, four in ten are retired and disabled veterans. Veterans would be hurt most of all, given that other benefits veterans receive – in addition to their Social Security benefits – would also be cut by the chained CPI.

Bernie Faust, Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans Board Member and Tin Can Sailors Vice President said, “As a Korean War Veteran I am concerned that Congressman Ribble would even consider depriving a veteran of any benefit when they sacrificed so much defending our country.”

Tony Vanderbloemen, President of the Northeast Labor Retiree Club and a Vietnam War Veteran said, “Veterans fought to defend our country. Congressman Reid Ribble is fighting to cut our Social Security and other earned benefit programs.  We must not balance the budget on the backs of American soldiers who already sacrificed for us in Iraq, Afghanistan and countless other wars, nor the widows, widowers and children who have lost their family members.”

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