October 07, 2016

Florida Alliance Members and AFL-CIO President Trumka Call on Sen. Rubio to Protect Social Security


Florida retirees, community and labor leaders gathered outside Senator Marco Rubio’s Tampa office on Tuesday, urging him to sign a pledge to protect Social Security.

Over 4 million Florida residents rely on Social Security, yet their Senator has a long history of undermining the program.  Sen. Rubio has said that Social Security and Medicare have “weakened us as a people” and are “bankrupting this country.” He has also repeatedly supported efforts to replace guaranteed, earned benefits with private, risk-based accounts and called for raising the retirement age to 70. This represents a 21% cut in benefits to seniors over their lifetime.

“Marco Rubio has a zero percent voting record on retiree issues,” said FLARA President Bill Sauers, “and refusing to sign this pledge sends a clear message about whose side he is on.”

Tampa marks  the Florida Alliance’s third attempt to get Sen. Rubio to stand up for seniors. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Richard Fiesta, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, also joined the effort to sway Sen. Rubio. We still have not heard back.

“Together, the AFL-CIO and the Alliance for Retired Americans are working to protect Social Security and Medicare from politicians like Marco Rubio who want to dismantle our nation’s most successful anti-poverty program for seniors,” Mr. Trumka said. “We’re not going to let anybody – anybody – cut Social Security or wreck Medicare.”

“Marco Rubio’s view that protecting retirees weakens us as a people is appalling,” said Mr. Fiesta. “We are here to ensure that future generations have the same earned benefits that he and his family members have.”

He continued, “A dignified retirement for hard working Americans is a right we have fought to assure. We are here to ask Sen. Rubio: will he stand with us and pledge to protect our earned benefits, or will he stand against us?”

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