January 19, 2017

How We are Fighting for Your Retirement Security

On Sunday, January 15, seniors from across the country participated in more than 70 “Our First Stand” events in support of health care. Alliance members were out in force to show their support for health care for all Americans.

The events represented a monumental show of opposition to the GOP’s rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement. Among its other benefits, the ACA provides seniors with free preventive care, closes the prescription drug doughnut hole and protects those with pre-existing conditions.

Perhaps one of the most heartfelt comments of came from Gina Rombly, a small business owner from Rhode Island who said that her mother, who was diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer. She would not have received the excellent treatment she did without the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare.

“I want to thank President Obama for trying to keep Obamacare,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to lose a parent over something that could have been treated. I depend on this. My daughter depends on this. And my parents depend on this.”

Some Alliance members have been to Capitol Hill in person to make their case. Alliance members have spoken at press conferences and forums with key members of Congress, telling in detail what Medicare cuts would mean for them given their circumstances, including Jody Weinrich of Pennsylvania and Diane Fleming of Washington, D.C.

The Alliance will continue to fight against efforts to cut programs that are critical to millions of Americans — especially any changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

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2 thoughts on “How We are Fighting for Your Retirement Security”

  1. I have worked all my life to be able to retire and enjoy my life. Now the tell me they want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. After all these years of working i deserve to have this. I have paid into it. I feel this is unconsitional to us Americans. Maybe if the wouldn’t just give my money to every tom dick and harry who enters Anerican illegal then maybe we would have enough money to take care of our own. Congress and the Senate don’t worry or care about the little people like me. They can afford to live off what they make. All my years of working never even came close to a years of what they make. How very sad that my country can take care of others but can’t or wont take care of their own first. If the take away our benifits I feel there will be more deaths because people won’t be able to feed or house themselves. Dont you feel there are more than enough homeless people in our country. Now you want to take away our only means of support. How do you think we will survive. More killing, more murder, and more homeless.

    Please I beg of you. Dont take away our only hope or chance of livivng. Please if you have a heart please rethink this. What if it was your loved one who had nothing but Social Security and Medicare to take care of them. You wouldn’t like it.

    thanks for listening
    connie delong

  2. Congress has No fear of Voters, because we keep re-electing our Senators and House of Representatives! STOP Voting for the Incumbent that has been in there for Years! Stop voting for Republicans! I have not seen a Republican yet… that wants to Protect Social Security, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid! Trust me, there are many issues that I disagree with Democrats, but if you want to keep your Social Security, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid Protected, then do NOT vote for any Republicans! Vote DEMOCRAT ONLY! Another solution to all of this, is that we need Congressional Term Limits!

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