April 10, 2018

Connecticut Seniors Describe what Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid would Mean for them

A new video from the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans shows what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means to Connecticut seniors when they are sick and at their most vulnerable.


In early 2017, Republicans seemed ready to repeal and replace the (ACA). The Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, looking to combat the effort in that state, was looking for people to collect health care stories.

The Connecticut Alliance, led by President Bette Marafino, offered to help. Connecticut Alliance members gathered stories at senior housing facilities and nursing homes focusing on people who had benefited from Medicare and Medicaid and were worried that the programs would be cut.

The Video

The seniors described how their health and quality of life would be affected if the ACA were to be repealed or Medicare and Medicaid were cut.

For instance, Edie Fishman (above), 95, said that thanks to her guaranteed Medicare coverage, she can continue to reside comfortably and independently in her home.

Bette and her crew gave modest gift cards for the local grocery store to people who were willing to tell their story as a way to say “Thank you.”

Later that year, the Connecticut Alliance revisited the story tellers, taking photos, and gathering updates. Two people had passed away, one of them from diabetes. The Connecticut Alliance shared the 75 stories they gathered widely, delivering them to members of their congressional delegation, state legislators, and others. A booklet of the stories will be published soon.

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