December 02, 2015

SAVE Act Introduced in House of Representatives

On November 5 Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced S. 2251, the Seniors and Veterans Emergency (SAVE) Benefits Act. The SAVE Act would help seniors and veterans by providing a one-time benefit of $581 to offset last month’s announcement by the Social Security Administration that, despite rising costs of many necessities, there would be no cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for beneficiaries next year.

Yesterday, Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) introduced H.R. 4144, the companion legislation in the U.S. House.

Passage of the SAVE Act would help bring our economy into balance and make an important statement about fairness. The payment amount equals 3.9% of the average Social Security benefit, and 3.9% is the average increase in pay last year for the nation’s top 350 CEOs.

It is entirely appropriate that these one-time payments to Social Security beneficiaries would be funded by eliminating the CEO performance pay tax break. The revenue gained from closing the tax loophole would then be dedicated to Social Security, strengthening the long-range projected solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund.

Passing this bill is one step we can take to improve our retirement security. Congress should also require the Social Security Administration to base future COLAs on the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E), which much more accurately reflects the cost of things retirees purchase, such as health care and housing.

The Alliance and other groups including the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and Social Security Works are among the many organizations who have already endorsed the legislation.

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30 thoughts on “SAVE Act Introduced in House of Representatives”

    1. We worked for these SS checks but our benefit checks are now considered a government gift. Had I known that, I would have gone on the government dole long before; and saved my health by not having to get up at 2:00 AM and go
      to a back breaking job for over 30 years. Elizabeth, I applaud you and your co-sponsors A valiant effort on your part and I thank-you very much for it.

  1. Nice try ladies, but you do not have enough democrats to pass such a bill.
    HELL, Paul Ryan will never let this be voted on!
    Wonderful work though.

  2. Nice try ladies, but you do not have enough democrats to pass such a bill.
    HELL, Paul Ryan will never let this be voted on!
    Wonderful work though.

  3. I’ll be considered retired as of January..on disablties now and they are saying that 671 is all I’ll get for my so call retirement and I put in 30 to 40 years of working I can’t live on what I’m getting now and oh yes 50.00 of stamps a month please help me..thank you

  4. All this says is the BILL was INTRODUCED in Dec.(House) + Nov.(Senate). IF it passes BOTH + the President signs it. We would not get these checks until April-June 2016. Just in time to try + persuade our 2016 VOTES. My 2016 VOTE is NOT FOR SALE. IF MY VOTE was for SALE it would cost WAY MORE THAN $580!

  5. I am thoroughly disgusted and disgraced by those that feel we seniors and veterans who depend on the social security benefits we have EARNED should not get an increase in 2016. How dare them !!!!! Everyone knows the cost of EVERYTHING continues to rise. Those in ‘high’ places in our government (including elected officials) as well as CEO’s continue to get ‘bonuses’,if i may call it that, EVERY YEAR !!!!! Those bonuses average in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. But yet we seniors and vets are getting nothing???????????? SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG WITH THIS SYSTEM !!!

    1. The law says that if SS increases, so will Medicare premiums. Same old, same old, nothing changes. This year, I’m caught in some booby trap where my SS monthly income increased by about 5%.

  6. No one knows how much $581.00 means to a retired Senior Citizen until you become one. If you can approve it please do it.
    Thank you
    Joe Mengoni

  7. No one knows how hard it is to loose a spouse & have to live on one income. Lets start thinking about our seniors a little more.Probably need to give our politicians the raise we get. Could they live on what they give us?

  8. Govt can’t afford $581 a month! Govt needs money to build 43 million dollar gas station in other country!!!! $581? Will never happen! I can get food stamp help! Hah! $12.00 a month! Not worth my time to go to food stamp office and set for 4 hours for $12.00!

  9. Please pass senat bill S.2251. My wife and I will not receive any COLA for 2016. This has happened before, a few years ago. I believe just 3 times in COLA existence has this happened.2 years of no COLA can be very hurtful to seniors. Thank YOu.

  10. What happened to the 581 promised social security recipients. Haven t heard anything more about it. Sure could use this money. Bernie sanders 2 busy campaigning for president and can t be bothered. Right along with hillary. Mr sanders was helping to get this bill moving. Not a good move forgetting seniors especially at voting time

  11. I find it very alarming that I haven’t heard a word about 581 in any of the weekly and monthly “brag letters” I get weekly and monthly from thr many legislators I receive regular correspondence from. This includes Paul Ryan who was published in a TV ad with his aunt and mom boasting about how we need to protect Social Security because his mom and aunt depend on it!! What a joke!! Makes me realize they are afraid of standing up to do the “right thing for all the people” instead of hiding and backing corporations instead. Oh well, some things may never change. Boo!!
    Especially with election time hovering. I wish Elizabeth Warren was a candidate!! She has the kind of guts Americans need!!

  12. Hats off to Elizabeth Warren for introducing S.2251 – However, as many of the people who are replying,
    I find that the Republican party in Congress will most likely vote “Nay”.
    There is a phrase with four words can that describe how senior citizens in this great country of ours are
    treated and I sum it up as “IT IS A CRIME.” Medical cost, food, rent, and all the basic necessities of
    life are way up through the roof, while us retired seniors try to stretch expenses and many times “skip
    meals — and meds” because of the high cost. Think about it, isn’t it a crime to get malnutrition because
    of the alarming food prices? Thus, not having a COLA increase in 4 years is once again “A CRIME” (yes, in Caps).
    Granted, Medicare would most likely increase with a SS COLA, but that is not the problem. For starters, lets just
    take the drug manufacturers who get away with murder by rising the cost of all prescribed meds. I could go on and
    on, but do not wish to bother people with my own situation. Also, in case that this bill passes, it is just a patch. We have great minds in our country and one can only wonder why these issues are not fixed primarily, instead of using money for government officials, their retirement plans, et al, “Enough said…”

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