January 23, 2015

Alliance Reacts to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama gave his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, and in a statement, the Alliance voiced its approval of his remarks and ideas. In particular, the statement from Alliance Executive Director Richard Fiesta noted that the President’s initiative to allow more family leave would benefit many seniors, whose adult children are often their caretakers. Calling for higher wages – including an increased minimum wage – in addition to the President’s idea of expanded IRA’s, Fiesta said, “You can’t save what you don’t earn.”

Fiesta also cautioned that proposed Fast Track trade legislation includes provisions that empower foreign drug makers to challenge drug pricing and preferences in programs like Medicare and Medicaid, saying,  “That would raise drug costs for all Americans, especially hurting seniors. It could also delay the introduction of generics into the market, in turn raising drug prices.” Read the full Alliance release at http://tinyurl.com/mappzao.

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