February 27, 2017

Alliance Members Demonstrate for Health Care

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During last week’s Congressional recess, Senators and Members of Congress who want to roll back health care provisions met fierce resistance in their home districts. Alliance members joined allies in denouncing GOP plans to take coverage away from millions of Americans by repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), cutting Medicaid, and ending Medicare’s guaranteed benefits.

In addition, retirees in several states asked elected officials tough questions about plans to raise the Medicare eligibility age and higher premiums and copays during meetings with 21 elected officials. That brings the number of meetings held since December to over 100. And they participated in dozens more local “Actions for Health Care and Social Security”  on Saturday February 25.  Here is a sampling of what took place.


Texas Alliance Secretary Tony Padilla spoke at a rally on Saturday in the Austin-area district of Rep. Lamar Smith, who refused to meet with constituents.

About 60 demonstrators attended a February 25 rally at the Lake Dallas office of Rep. Michael Burgess. Since he refuses to meet with his constituents, messages were taped to the office building doors.

On Saturday in Dallas, approximately 130 people from the Texas Alliance, Our Revolution, the Dallas AFL-CIO, TOP-Texas Organizing Project and allies came together for rally. Speakers shared their stories about how Medicare and the ACA have saved lives, saying they should be expanded and not cut. Well-placed Alliance T-shirts could be seen all throughout Texas!


During the Week of Feb 17 – 24th, the California Alliance CARA sponsored or participated in dozens of events at key Congressional offices to protest GOP proposals to cut and privatize Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and Social Security.  Some events, such as a candlelight vigil at Rep. Tom McClintock’s office, a march to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s office, and the rally in front of Rep. Jeff Denham’s office, drew hundreds.  


About 150 placard-waving protesters lined the sidewalk in front of a Carson City casino on February 22 to protest a visit by U.S. Sen. Dean Heller at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon. The protesters cited a long list of concerns, including Heller’s support of President Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments. Heller has not responded to them.

Members of the several groups who were demonstrating say that Heller’s office phones are consistently busy and concerned citizens have been blocked from visiting his office in Reno, where the “Women of Washoe” led a separate protest.


Pennsylvania Alliance members protested multiple cities, including Philadelphia, York, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Chester.

New York

Several constituents of Rep. John Faso demonstrated in Delhi, New York.

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