March 14, 2018

Alliance congratulates Conor Lamb; thanks its Pennsylvania members for their role in his victory

Retiree issues, combined with a strong Get Out the Vote effort by Alliance for Retired Americans members and staff, helped propel first-time candidate Conor Lamb to victory in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district seat.

The Alliance has more than 22,000 members in the 18th Congressional district, and used a variety of methods to educate and mobilize them and the general public on the stark differences between Lamb and Rick Saccone on retiree issues.

Lamb campaigned on a commitment to strengthen and expand Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations and to tackle the rising cost of prescription drugs. He also promised to protect and defend earned pension benefits through the Miner’s Pension Act. Saccone, in contrast, said that Social Security and Medicare were “going broke” and “needed reform.” Saccone was also closely linked to House Speaker Paul Ryan, who continues to actively work to cut our earned benefits.

“Thank you to our Pennsylvania Alliance members for their all-hands-on-deck effort,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “We showed candidates across the country that putting retirement security issues like Social Security and Medicare on the front burner is a winning formula for November’s midterm elections.”

Executive Director Richard Fiesta and

Field Manager Maureen Dunn helped with GOTV



Direct mail
Thousands of Alliance members received mailings outlining the differences between Lamb and Saccone on retiree issues.

Tele-town Hall
A week before election day, the Alliance gave its members an opportunity to hear directly from the candidate on senior issues. Thousands of Pennsylvania Alliance members who lived in the district joined the calls and asked him questions about Medicare, prescription drugs prices, Social Security cost of living increases and protecting miners’ pensions.

Get Out the Vote
Alliance staff and members helped with the Get Out the Vote effort. Executive Director Richard Fiesta visited the district several times to help campaign and Maureen Dunn, Field Manager for the Alliance, directed the Westmoreland County Central Labor Council’s effort. She led an operation that knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls as a cornerstone of their work. Pennsylvania Alliance President Dwayne Thomas, who lives in western Pennsylvania, and board member Harriet Ellenberger, who lives in the district, volunteered dozens of hours of their time and recruited others to join in.

Digital ads
Independent expenditure digital ads in support of Lamb by the Alliance ran on the three main local newspaper websites as well as on Facebook. One of the ads, which featured Ms. Ellenberger, is below:

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