August 14, 2015

Alliance Celebrates Social Security’s 80th Anniversary with More than 40 Events Today

Members of the Alliance are hosting more than 40 events today, August 14th, to celebrate and educate the public about the importance of protecting and expanding Social Security on its 80th birthday.

Together with Medicare’s 50th birthday events held in July, as well as Social Security anniversary celebrations held recently or on the horizon, the Alliance is holding more than 150 events in July and August to mark the two anniversaries. The Alliance is working with Social Security Works, a partner organization, to release new reports showing how important Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are to seniors in all 50 states:

From Pennsylvania to California and Maine to Mississippi, the events range from rallies and birthday parties with cake and music to policy discussions with members of Congress. In Montpelier, Vermont, Alliance members will gather on the lawn of the State Capitol to celebrate Social Security with a picnic lunch and musical performance by the Montpelier City Band. Rallies in Lincoln, Nebraska and Belleville, Illinois encouraged members of Congress to rethink their positions when it comes to supporting cuts to Social Security benefits. Other events are planned at local gathering spots in Charleston, South Carolina and numerous senior centers in other states.

“For eighty years, Social Security has enabled millions of Americans to retire with dignity,” said Alliance President Barbara Easterling. “Here’s to another eight decades of providing America’s seniors with a secure retirement and a decent standard of living. Thank you to everyone who is taking part in our anniversary events and helping to spread our message about expanding our earned benefits.”

Check out our Flickr page for recently added photos of celebrations across the country.


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