North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans Medicare Rally

North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans and Southern Piedmont Retiree Club Rally in Charlotte at 10AM at the offices of Rep. Alma Adams, 801 E Morehead St., Ste 150, Charlotte.
Where: 801 E Morehead St., Ste 150, Charlotte. | When: 10AM | RSVP

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Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance for Retired AmericansSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 4:19pm

When Senators get home this weekend they will be greeted by television commercials highlighting why affordable health insurance is so important to people. But it's critically important that they hear this message in person. Use this link to find a town hall near you and please plan to attend and make your voice heard.

Robby Comer Unfortunately all the Town Hall meetings are outside large urban areas, meaning "red" areas where people for some unfathomable reason are against The Affordable Healthcare Act, Social Security, Medicare and Medicare.
Jennifer Tobakos Gornall Flake and McCain in AZ "very afraid," I guess. They never have real answers, nor do they care, anyway.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Congress wants to destroy healthcare

Speaker Paul Ryan and Secretary of HHS Tom Price are going after your health care. They are using code words to try and fool the American people into thinking their plans will improve health care. Don't get tripped up. Learn what their plan means for your health care.

I want to help save Medicare!

Join the Alliance in fighting back against the Republican Assault on Medicare and Social Security. Click here to take action!