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How will recent Social Security expansion efforts benefit older Americans?
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  • Donna Cutler

    January 25, 2017: Donna Cutler, 76, recently spent a week in the hospital to address an issue with her oxygen levels. Although no surgery was required, the bill came to almost $50,000. Fortunately, Medicare covered the cost. Mrs. Cutler paid int Read More >

  • Suzy Taylor

    January 11, 2017: Several years after Suzy retired, her former employer, United Airlines, filed for bankruptcy. Her pension was reduced 30%, and she has had to do freelance work to make up the difference. She is still paying into Medicare through h Read More >

  • Susan Flashman

    January 11, 2017: Susan Flashman, 61, is a retired electrician. She worked for more than 25 years. In 2011, at age 57, she needed brain surgery due to a cyst that turned into a tumor. It took about a year of rehab to be somewhat functional once aga Read More >

  • Jody Weinreich

    January 11, 2017: Jody Weinreich, 66, lost her job at Tama Manufacturing in Allentown, Pennsylvania at age 61 when the factory closed and moved to Mexico. The factory had a government contract and made Alfred Dunner pants and Air Force training uni Read More >

  • Ken Pease

    January 06, 2017: Ken Pease, 73, suffers from a number of health conditions, not the least of which are diabetes and heart disease. He has had 1/3 of his right lung removed. Last year he suffered an aortic aneurysm, which doctors thankfully discove Read More >

  • Francena Dwyer

    January 05, 2017: Francena Dwyer, 64, would like to remind Congress that a person’s health can change overnight.  For Francena, it was a chemical injury.  She was an English professor at a community college in Connecticut for more than 20 yea Read More >

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