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October 18, 2016

Statement by Retiree Leader Richard Fiesta on the 0.3% COLA Increase for Social Security Beneficiaries

The following statement was issued by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, regarding the government’s announcement that there will be a 0.3% COLA benefit increase for millions of Social Security beneficiaries, disabled veterans and federal retirees in 2017:

“The Alliance for Retired Americans is deeply disappointed by the announcement today that there will be a minuscule 0.3% benefit increase for millions of Social Security beneficiaries in 2017.

“For the average retiree, that means just a $5.00 per month increase, not enough to keep up with the cost of their prescription medications. This follows a 0% COLA in 2016. Most retirees are going to continue to have a hard time paying for basic necessities.

“That’s why Congress must expand earned Social Security benefits and change the formula used to calculate future COLAs to the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E).

“The CPI-E would base the calculation on what seniors actually spend their money on. That list includes items such as health care and housing, which account for most retirees’ spending.”


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14 thoughts on “Statement by Retiree Leader Richard Fiesta on the 0.3% COLA Increase for Social Security Beneficiaries”

  1. I am a part of the social security raise, I am having a hard time making ends meet like a lot of other people. This is unfair. Is there a survey I can do online, I just received a petition again, I sign them and them I get another one? Would like to do it on the computer if I can. This stinks, hope we can get the emergency check, why isn’t anything being done about this yet? Hoping to hear from you. Judy Howard

  2. this year my rent was raised twenty three dollars. I also was just notified my Humana supplemental insurance is going up ten dollars. I just paid five hundred eighty dollars for a three month light Bill which threw me into food pantries for the month as that all was my food budget. am sick to death of these congress men who vote themselves raises and have no mercy on anyone else.

  3. What can those of us who are dependent upon Social Seurity to live do to protest the absolutely unacceptable de facto DECREASE — since inflation is running at at least 5% — in our benefits that Congress has authorized for 2017?? Isn’t it nice to see that this country can always come up with TRILLIONS of dollars for its endless nation-destroying and population-murdering foreign wars, but feels no compunction to stiff its own disabled and elderly citizens of the Social Security benefits they have paid for many times over during their working lives?? What kind of government is it that continually wastes trillions of dollars — aside that is from the trillions it simply “cannot account for” — on mad projects of “regime change” in countries the average citizen knows NOTHING whatsoever about, and that have done the U.S. no injury whatsoever, while at the same time increasingly failing to retain the already collected funds necessary to allow its own citizens to meet their most basics NEEDS in life?? I don’t know about anyone else, but in my opinion such a government has long since lost my “consent” along with the consent of millions of my compatriots, and fully deserves to be replaced with a government which WILL meet the pressing needs of its own citizens!! At the very least we need to organize ourselves to make sure that any legislator who voted for thes latest draconian cuts is targeted for replacement in the next election and that others willing to meet their most basic responsibilities to our citizenry elected in their stead!!

    1. I concur with Fusfields statement and comments; our Congressmen and Senators seem to care less about their own Constituent’s health and wellbeing here in the USA , but seem to have no problem supporting other country’s needs by giving them trillions of our tax dollars to support them and get them to change their way of Governments.I have always believed that you should take care of your own first before giving to others. I’ve been getting these petitions for some time now. I’m thinking where are all the donations going and where are the positive results from these donations?….

  4. You have your GOP controlled Congress to thank for this. If you vote for them in November, you have nobody but yourself to blame.

    1. AMEN TO THAT.

  5. The cost of living increase of 3% will not make up for the increases we get on taxes, insurance, groceries, medication, and everything else.
    What we need is for all the people to vote different people in office, that will stand up for the people, the way it is supposed to be.

  6. I feel every thing the republicans have done,was too make Obama look bad,unfortnitly it hurt the people of this country that rely on social security.When i worked as nursing supervisor,Clinic director,Nursing Instuctor. The money
    that Social Security taken from my money was not a little,but a lot. I have not received an increase in four years.We do need new people in congress,because the republicans is the blame for this. Families hardly can manage too eat or buy clothes.From Humana having another rate increase.I have not bought clothes in three,got pay rent,heating oil cost and basictly every thing is goin up except social security.

  7. I’m thinking of dropping my Medicare advantage insurance and taking my chances.that will give me $150 more a month to try and SURVIVE

  8. To: Alliance for Retired Americans,
    The # for the bill was not mentioned, we do not have a date for when our petitions
    will be submitted either. When our Representatives are in town we need a Bill #.
    Also why don’t we have an update as congress is still in town.???

  9. I’m for the raise as well. The Republicans have done so much damage to the working class & because of their damage, we are paying for it. We are now making choices:buy food to feed our families or pay rent, pay for medicines or pay the utilities. We should not have to make choices like this or anything like this. There’s no telling what this idiot President-elect Donald Trump will do next. Social Security is something we all as hard working Americans look forward to. We deserve this & if those CEOs can have raises (which I feel is unfair because they are indeed stealing – not just taking – from us) then we should have them, too. I hope this bill passes (which I believe it will). When I received the letter about how I can receive the emergency check (which I’m patiently waiting for), that is great, even if it is a one time thing. What I read was outrageous about how these CEOs are receiving raises- WITH OUR SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY WE WORKED SO HARD FOR.SO, yeah, something has to be done about this. I’m pulling & praying for the Alliance to put an end to this atrocity. Mr. Richard Fiesta, you have my full support. Hope to hear from you real soon with good news on the bill being passed. It’s about time someone stuck it to those CEOs. They need to know how it feels to hurt where it hurts the most – in their pockets!! They’ve taken from us, now let’s take from them & for good!!!!!! Keep on fighting the good fight, guys!!!! Looking to hear from you soon.

  10. What we need to do is put the people that came with this formula to give us a raise depending on the cost of living increase on Social Security disability or some form of government living paycheck. See how well they can live in a society like this today I guarantee they will not make it there’s no way they could make it we find every resource weekend to live and it’s still not enough someone needs to do something open the Chain O coming in to correct this.

    1. Sorry guys. After there’s no way they can make it it was supposed to be we find every resource that we can to make ends meet and it’s still not enough we still struggle someone up in the chain of command needs to do something needs to revamp the formula used to calculate the inflation of living when you cannot buy clothes or toilet paper someone’s not doing their job thank you God bless stay strong stay safe keep living the way we know how

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