Roadmap to Citizenship the Right Way to Go

April 16, 2013

Strengthens America, Strengthens Our Social Security System

Washington, D.C. --- The Roadmap to Citizenship Bill introduced today would strengthen the rights and voice of millions of immigrants and aspiring citizens who contribute to building our country but are denied essential rights in our society.

Retirees know how aspiring citizens contribute to their communities yet suffer through low wages and low labor standards at work. Instead of pursuing a race to the bottom by allowing companies to take advantage of outdated immigration policies, we should work towards fairness and justice.

Immigrants contribute to our Social Security system. According to the Social Security Administration, immigrants – both documented and undocumented – improve the long-term actuarial balance of the Social Security Trust Fund and reduce the long-term shortfall. They should be able to retire with the benefits that they have earned.

The Alliance for Retired Americans, representing the voices of more than 4 million retirees, supports the passage of common sense immigration reform that includes a practical and inclusive roadmap to citizenship.


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