Seniors Looking for Clear Answers in Tonight's Debate

October 03, 2012

For Immediate Release                                         

October 3, 2012

The following statement was issued today by Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans:

“Seniors across the country will be paying close attention to tonight’s presidential debate, hoping for clear, honest answers about the future of the Medicare and Social Security they count on to stay healthy and make ends meet.

“Retirees need reassurance that Medicare will continue to help them afford to see a doctor and fill a prescription, and that it will not become a means to help insurance companies gain more power and profit.  Seniors who paid for their Social Security in every paycheck they ever earned will be keeping a close eye on the candidates, worried that Social Security could be cut to lower a budget deficit it did not cause. 

“Today’s retirees will not just be thinking of themselves in tonight’s debate.  They do not want to be the last generation to retire.  They worry about their children and grandchildren, and want Medicare and Social Security to remain strong for future generations.

“Because retirees vote more than any other age group, they are the top target for expensive, often misleading political ads.  It is time to stop scaring seniors.  Tonight is a chance to turn down the noise and speak directly to the American people about their future.

“The Alliance for Retired Americans, with 4 million members and 33 state chapters across the country, will continue its efforts to educate retirees and workers on the issues and where the candidates stand."


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