Alan Simpson Flips out at California Seniors

May 23, 2012

For Immediate Release

May 23, 2012

The following story is running today on Politico:

"The nice thing about being out of office? You can say whatever you please.
Which is exactly what former Sen. Alan Simpson did in a harsh letter he sent to the California Alliance for Retired Americans and which was obtained by POLITICO:"

CARA President Nan Brasmer tells POLITICO, in reaction to the letter: ”Alan Simpson’s mean-spirited comments insult the intelligence and dedication of retiree activists who worry about their children and grandchildren’s future. Sen. Simpson sounds an awful lot like Mitt Romney and others who will use the recent Social Security Trustees report as political cover for their radical changes. They would put seniors at risk while enriching Wall Street and the big health insurance companies. For instance, increasing the retirement age - one of their suggestions - would be extremely unfair to workers, particularly those in blue-collar and service sector jobs. And privatizing Social Security would let Wall Street firms profit while gambling workers’ Social Security savings on the roulette wheel of the stock market.

Link to letter: Alan Simpson Letter

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