Romney to Florida Seniors: More False Promises, More False Claims

January 31, 2012

For Immediate Release

January 31, 2012                                                  

The following statement was issued today by Edward F. Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans.
“Last night at a Florida senior center, presidential candidate Mitt Romney once again couldn’t stop himself from telling an audience what they wanted to hear – even if it wasn’t true.

“Romney told retirees, ‘we will never go after Medicare or Social Security,’ even though he supports the Ryan budget to give seniors small vouchers to buy coverage from private insurance companies; wants to raise the Social Security retirement age; and wants to let Wall Street gamble away – and profit from – privatized Social Security accounts.  For a notoriously inconsistent politician, Mitt Romney has a long, clear record of wanting to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

“Two sentences later, Romney doubled-down with, ‘there's only one president in history that's cut Medicare $500 billion and that's Barack Obama. And guess what he did it for? He did it to pay for Obamacare.’  Romney failed to mention that President Obama extended the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by seven years by courageously standing up to the big insurance companies who were being subsidized by the taxpayers – at a cost of $1000 per year for each senior – to provide the same services that Medicare could do for 14 percent less.
“To Mitt Romney, Social Security and Medicare are just two more ways to pander to the crowd.  But for millions of seniors, Social Security and Medicare are the lifelines that allow them to pay their bills and stay healthy.  Seniors cannot let Mitt Romney hide from the truth on these important issues.”


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