President Obama is expected to include cuts to Social Security cost of living adjustments (COLAs) in his budget proposal (the chained CPI).

The Social Security COLA cuts via the chained CPI is troubling because it is an immediate benefit cut to Social Security beneficiaries. Please send the White House a message – Say NO! to Chained CPI and tell the President to protect Social SecurityClick here to take action!

Click here to support a bill Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) introduced, called “The Strengthening Social Security Act of 2013” (S.567), which would put as much as an extra $800 in seniors’ pockets every year.

Fact sheet on chained CPI

Click below to hear our members' Social Security stories.

Selected Favorites:

Listen to Earl Shumaker of Sycamore, Illinois
Earl Shumaker and his wife spend a lot of money on food and gasoline. Chained CPI doesn't take increasing medical costs and gasoline prices into account.  Social Security money is already not enough, and he can’t afford to lose any.

Listen to Charles Balban of Manchester, New Hampshire
Charlie Balban has a son in college, and a home that he's paying taxes on. If anything were cut from his benefits, it would drastically harm his life.

Listen to Gail Spaeth of Washington
If COLA's were cut, Gail Speath wouldn't be able to afford her asthma medication. Her Medicare supplement costs $460 a month and goes up significantly every year.

Listen to Arleen Speidel of California
Arleen Speidel’s benefits have already been cut back due to the windfall elimination penalty. A switch to the chained CPI method of calculating COLA would be very harmful to her.

Additional Voices:

Listen to George Altomare of NY, New York

George Altomare will not tolerate anything that diminishes Social Security, which is an earned benefit not an entitlement. People worked for a lifetime and deserve what they paid for.

Listen to John Augustine of Pennsylvania
Without Social Security John Augustine would be in dire straits. He wouldn't be able to pay for medicine he needs, or utilities. He paid into Social Security for almost 50 years. Go after corporations who fail to pay their taxes, not seniors and working families.

Listen to James Baldridge of Baltimore, Maryland
James Baldridge’s pension has no cost of living adjustment, so it is very important to him that Social Security isn't cut and chained CPI is not implemented.

Listen to E. Mike Dunlev of Columbus, Ohio
E. Mike Dunley had to retire at 62 due to health issues. Lower benefits and higher medical bills would lead him into poverty, so he can’t afford any COLA cuts.

Listen to Foxyne Hinton of California
Foxyne Hinton is raising her grandson on her own, and any cut in benefits would be devastating for both herself and her grandson.

Listen to Alice Hoffman of Haverford, Pennsylvania
COLA doesn't reflect health care spending, and there's no way for Alice Hoffman to buy health care cheaper. If the COLA were lower she couldn't afford health care.

Listen to Beatrice Lumpkin of Chicago, Illinois
Beatrice Lumpkin took early retirement in the 1980s when income levels were much lower. She says that the COLA hasn't kept up, and that any additional cuts would be especially hard for people who retired years ago and already get fewer benefits.

Listen to Tori Miller of Chesterfield, Missouri
A COLA cut would mean Tori Miller wouldn't be able to live independently. She and her husband have health problems and need to be able to afford medications.

Listen to Al Mumm (President of ARA Nebraska) of Waterloo, Nebraska
Social Security is over 50% of Al Mumm’s income. The current COLA is already not enough to keep up with health care costs and other expenses, and seniors can't afford cuts.

Listen to Sanda Oslin of Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Sanda Oslin lives in rural Minnesota. A COLA cut would mean she couldn't afford gas to go anywhere. It would also hurt her mother who is on Social Security.

Listen to Judith Parker of St. Louis, Missouri
Judith Parker is a widow, and she had to sell her home at a loss after the crisis. Her son is unemployed and she has a granddaughter with Leukemia. Social Security is a matter of life and death to her.

Listen to Amy Sies of Jackson, Wisconsin
Amy Sies is in her 40s and on disability, and she already can't afford basic living expenses. She states that we need to raise benefits, not cut them.

Listen to Norman Wernet of Columbus, Ohio
A COLA cut would mean that Norm Wemet couldn't afford medicine, doctors' visits, utilities, or proper home maintenance. He expects to live another 20 years, and he would be unable to afford the expenses of daily living.