Medicare is our most successful health care program in America's history. For nearly fifty years it has given seniors the ability to see a doctor and fill a prescription – and it has kept them out of poverty. The Alliance for Retired Americans is leading the charge to celebrate Medicare's 50th birthday, beginning in 2014 and culminating in 2015! Join us!

Medicare's 50th birthday on July 30th, 2015 presents many opportunities to expand our organization's reach and ensure our message of strengthening Medicare is heard. The Paul Ryan Budget’s tired cries to end Medicare's guarantee provides us with the opportunity to confront our political foes at their offices and in the press. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Already, we've done the following:

1.    July 30th, 2014, Medicare’s 49th Birthday!: Actions for the birthday; Voucher delivery to Ryan's office and other Congressional offices; DC Rally at Capitol Hill and rallies at state capitols and congressional offices; letters to the editor (LTEs) and opinion editorials (op-eds) and other communications.

2.    Summer/Fall Actions: Actions in targeted House districts and Senate and Governor race states.

3.    Lame Duck Actions: Prepare for bills that may rise up in the lame duck session.

What's Next?

4.    Spring 2015 Actions: We may face major challenges if both the House and Senate are controlled by the GOP; House and Senate budget votes.

5.    July 30th, 2015: Medicare’s 50th Birthday!: DC Rally and Celebration on the birthday; Alliance for Retired Americans Legislative Conference; Rallies and Celebrations in the States.

Fact Sheet: Social Security and Medicare Facts and Figures for 2015  - See what's changed in the new year!