In March of 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - the largest reform of America’s health care system since the 1960’s. Despite initial opposition, the Affordable Care Act continues to gain popularity as more provisions are implemented.  Seniors and retirees are set to gain tremendous benefits from the new health law.

For starters, the law will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in savings that will be used to improve their quality of care.  Under the law, health insurance companies will no longer be allowed to deny care to older Americans with pre-existing health conditions. Furthermore, Medicare beneficiaries will receive a free annual checkup and will no longer have to pay for preventative screenings.  The law will also close the prescription drug doughnut hole, expand options for home-based care, provide early retirees with affordable health options, and protect the Medicare trust fund for years to come.

To learn more about the new law and what it will mean for you, please check out our fact sheets and issue briefs below.  Now is the time to learn and educate others about the benefits of this landmark legislation, in order to push back against a repeal movement that would bring back the old, unsustainable status quo.

October 2015

Medicaid Fact Sheet - Expanding Medicaid is just one component of health care reform. Medicaid is a social safety net program that provides health coverage for low-income pregnant women, children, the disabled and seniors. Here are facts about who is covered, expansion, and more.

December 2013
According to new data released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on December 15, 2013, more than 25.4 million people covered by Original Medicare received at least one preventive service at no cost to them during the first eleven months of 2013, because of the Affordable Care Act.

For a State-by-State breakdown, go to: Preventive_Services_Utilization_by_State_Jan-Nov_2013.pdf

August 2013
From the White House: Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You
The benefits of the Affordable Care Act make it easier to get insurance you can afford, ensures you have the care you need when you get sick, and covers the preventive services you need to stay healthy — for free.

If you’re a consumer ready to buy health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, visit

March 2012
Affordable Care Act Anniversary Events - March 23, 2012 is the two-year anniversary of health care reform.

The White House has released data detailing how the Affordable Care Act – health care reform - helps residents of every state. To see how your state benefits, go to

January 2012
Myths and Facts about the Affordable Care Act      en español

December 2011
Letter from President Easterling to Walmart re: concerns of shifting health care costs onto workers

March 2011:
See the Alliance's Roll Call ad celebrating one year of the Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2011


February 2011
Testimony for the House Ways and Means Committee - February 10, 2011 statement for the record submitted to the House Ways and Means Committee on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the Medicare program and Medicare beneficiaries

January 2011
Alliance Letter to House Opposing Repeal of Health Care Reform - January 14, 2011 letter to all members of the U.S House of Representatives listing the reasons to oppose repeal

Health Care Benefits for Seniors in 2011 Based on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  Many benefits for seniors, including free preventive services, are in effect as of January 1, 2011!

LCAO Letter_to_House_Opposing_Repeal_of_Health_Care_Reform   January 5, 2011 letter from the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations - which includes the Alliance as a member - to all members of the U.S House of Representatives

2011 Medicare Health and Drug Plans by State Update from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Press release from CMS regarding Medicare Advantage Premiums, Enrollment & Benefits in 2011 here: Doc)

The Truth About Taxing Health Benefits June 2010  Provides a thorough explanation of what taxing your health benefits would actually entail.

What to Tell Skeptics about New Health Care Law May 2010  A list of strategic talking points on what to tell people who are unsure about the new health law.

Long Term Care in the New Health Care Law May 2010  Facts about the forthcoming changes to the long-term care sector of our health care system.

Fact Sheet and Scam Alert on the Doughnut Hole May 2010  A detailed update on the progress being made to close the prescription drug coverage gap and the caveats that come along with that process.

Benefits for early retirees May 2010 

A comprehensive listing of all the benefits that early retirees are set to gain under the new health law.

Medicare Advantage Changes April 2010     en español 

A detailed description of the changes to Medicare Advantage plans as dictated by the new health law.  Provided both in English and in Spanish. 

Frequently Asked Questions on the Health Law April 2010  A directory of answers, by our experts, to your frequently asked questions about the health reform law.

Health Insurance Exchange April 2010  An explanation about the intricacies of the newly established health insurance exchange program.

Medicare Benefits & Changes April 2010     en español  A comprehensive summary of what is going to change and improve in Medicare and how that will affect beneficiaries.  Provided in both English and Spanish.

Health Reform Fact Sheet April 14, 2010  An overview of how seniors are set to benefit from the new health law.

Immediate Benefits for Seniors March 23 2010  A list of benefits that are set to take effect within the first six months of the health laws implementation.

Fact Sheet Health Care Reform and Seniors April 14, 2010 An in-depth explanation on why the health care reform law is beneficial for America’s seniors.

Comments to Senate Finance_Health Care Financing Options  The Alliance leadership provided Congress with a list of ways to finance the health care reform law.

Issue Brief: Medicare Part D  An issue brief providing a thorough analysis of Medicare Part D.