What Sequestration Means For Seniors

  • 4 million fewer home-delivered meals;
  • Nearly 2 million senior transportation rides lost;
  • 1.5 million seniors denied personal care services;
  • Almost 485,000 seniors losing access to health promotion and disease prevention;
  • 290,000 senior households denied LIHEAP energy assistance;
  • 114,000 senior households receive reduced Section 202 unit maintenance and supportive services; and
  • 2.2 million fewer SCSEP community service hours, at a value of nearly $50 million, including at least a $17.5 million cut in wages and benefits for low-income older workers
  • Social Security Administration
    • Visitors to field offices could wait almost 30 minutes to see a representative;
    • Callers to SSA’s 800-number would wait almost 10 minutes for SSA to answer;
    • Pending levels of initial disability claims would rise by over 140,000 claims; and
    • On average, applicants will have to wait about two weeks longer for a decision on an initial disability claim and nearly a month longer for a disability hearing decision.
    • At this stage of planning, sequestration would result in the loss (i.e. attrition without replacement) of over 5,000 more employees in FY 2013
    • The termination of over 1,500 temporary employees and reemployed annuitants; and
    • The elimination of overtime except for life, safety, and health concerns.
    • The possibility of furloughs remains uncertain at this time. The value of a furlough day is about $25 million. With each furlough day, SSA would not be able to complete: roughly 20,000 retirement claims; over 10,000 disability claims; and 3,000 hearings.

For more, check out the fact sheet on sequestration from the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations.

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations wrote a letter to Congress detailing the detrimental effects of sequestration on seniors. Read the letter here.

For helpful information on how your state specifically will be affected by sequestration, check out the White House’s detailed fact sheets.