Wednesday, August 14, 2013 is Social Security's 78th birthday. The American people know that our Social Security system works. During the recent economic collapse, when home equity, 401k’s and savings were devastated, Social Security was the one source of retirement security that Americans could rely on. With so much uncertainty about the future, we will rely more than ever on our Social Security benefits.
That’s why now is the time to protect and  build upon the one retirement security system that we know we can count on.  

Click here to show your support for strengthening Social Security on its 78th anniversary! Let’s not be the last generation to retire!

Reports with our partner, Social Security Works: State-by-state reports on what Social Security means for the people and economy of each state:
Recent Coverage: We're making news around the country and putting a human face on this serious issue. See this news footage from Des Moines, Iowa.

Other state actions:
California- Honda calls for 'scrapping the cap' on Social Security taxes, expanding benefits 
Connecticut- Blumenthal Celebrates Social Security's 78th Birthday In West Hartford: U.S. senator says that Social Security protects the middle class and makes people consumers
North Carolina - Lunch Links for Wednesday
Chained CPI Fact Sheet
Find out the dangers of proposals to re-work the Cost of Living Adjustments for Social Security via a "Chained" Consumer Price Index.
Chained CPI Fact Sheet (Oct 28 2014) en español